Destroyers To Offer Season Ticket Payment Plan

by UFL Staff

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA-- The United Football League (UFL) and its member teams will now offer 2023 Season Tickets Payment Plans for all fans looking to purchase season tickets through the UFL exclusive ticket provider in Tixr.

With a Season Ticket Payment Plan, fans can enjoy all the benefits, gifts, and ticket security of being a team season ticket holder while paying for season tickets on a fan-friendly payment schedule. The Season Ticket Payment Plan is an interest-free payment plan allowing all season ticket holders to purchase tickets at the same great price. The Season Ticket Payment Plan is now available for all fans who spend $400 or more on 2023 Season Tickets. 

As part of the Season Ticket Payment Plan, season ticket holders will make an initial 25% payment on season tickets. The remaining 75% will be broken down into equal payments that will be charged each month. For example, with the purchase of two Virginia Beach Destroyers 2023 Season Tickets at the cost of $200 per ticket holder, with a total cost of $412 with taxes and fees, an initial payment of $105 will be made at the time of purchase. With a payment of $79 per month to be made for all following months until the time of the Destroyers season opener. Other important items of information on the Season Ticket Payment Plan:

  • You will pay the full ticket price in recurring monthly payments until a final date set by the event organizer. The payment dates and amounts you will owe are listed in your payment schedule.
  • Tickets must be paid by the final payment date set by the event organizer in order for your tickets to be valid.
  • You may update the credit card on your payment plan at any time by saving a credit card to your account and selecting the new card in Payment Plan Details.
  • You may cancel your order in the middle of a payment plan, but in doing so you agree to forfeit all funds from previous payments. Refunds on voluntarily canceled orders are not permitted.
  • If a payment fails, you have 10 days to update your payment method before your order is canceled. Refunds on canceled orders due to failed payments are not permitted.

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